Journalism major at UF? Best Decision I ever made.

I came to college all bright-eyed and ready to take on the “adult” world. I had no idea what I was going to study or who I was going to be in four years, I just knew I was ready to be an adult.

UF has an endless amount of opportunities to get involved in from every major. The only thing I knew before coming here was that I like to talk, perform and write. I started some of my general education classes by taking international relations and political science. There was something about learning all the current events that were going on in the world that really opened my eyes.

I knew I loved to write and convey my thoughts through words, so what better major than going into Telecommunications. There was something about the first time I stepped foot in Weimer Hall that changed my life forever. I felt lost for a lot of my senior year of high school, but nothing felt more right than saying, “hey, I’m going to be a reporter one day.”

The Center for Media Innovation and Research is part of the broader greatness that is Weimer Hall. The people I met spending my time in these halls to the mentors I created and the stories I got to tell, no amount of thank you cards will ever be enough to show my gratitude. This place changed my life because it showed me who I am and who I was always suppose to be.

They always say you’ll meet your forever friends in college, but they never tell you just how great it will be once you do. I could not be more grateful to UF’s journalism school just for the people I got to tell stories with in the Innovation News Center.

I’m excited to see what my future holds and where I’ll end up one day. Where ever that may be, in whatever city it may be, I owe it all the Weimer Hall.


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